Why Creativity is Important in Our Lives and How It Affects Our Path?

Creativity is important in the lives of everyone, regardless of what they do and how they live their lives. Creativity contributes to your life by helping you find new solutions to problems you face, encouraging you to explore your interests and discover yourself, helping you to express your feelings, and more. 

No matter what kind of creative path you choose, it will have an impact on who you are and where you go next in life. This article explores why creativity is important and how it affects our lives.

Why Creativity Is Important?

Ultimately, I believe that creativity matters because it allows us to find new ways of solving problems. We create many problems for ourselves without even realizing it. The best tool we have at our disposal to solve these problems creatively is our imagination. 

But people often let their imaginations run wild, which can be a source of negative consequences as well. In order to steer ourselves on a positive course throughout life and accomplish all of our goals, we need to harness our imagination in a healthy way. 

Even though our lives are hectic, we can still find time to grow. We have a lot of control over our personal growth. We can choose to go out and experience new things, travel, try something new or even read books by famous authors like Kamala Maddali that can spark an interest in us. If you want to grow as a person, take time every day to think about how you want your life to be. 

How Does Creativity Affect Our Path?

Personal Growth

By incorporating creativity into your daily life, you’ll develop personally and professionally. Studies show that creativity boosts personal growth by helping people discover who they are, what they want out of life, and how to best go about attaining those goals. 

Furthermore, if you enjoy a career where creativity plays a role—like art or design—you can use it as a means of professional development. If you have an idea for a new product or service but don’t know where to start with bringing it to market, creative thinking can help lead you there. 


In order to better empathize with those around us, it’s important to put ourselves in their shoes. Creativity allows us to develop a more active imagination that enables us to stand in for others. By taking time out of our day-to-day lives, we can simulate unfamiliar circumstances and experience situations that don’t occur naturally. This mental stimulation helps encourage both personal growths as well as an understanding of those around us.

Problem Solving

Creativity allows us to solve problems we would have otherwise never known about. Creative people think outside of their comfort zone, enabling them to solve problems that others don’t even recognize as a problem. For example, great scientists are famous for thinking outside of the box and creating revolutionary breakthroughs we often take for granted today.

Improves Memory

Since creativity boosts your capacity to pay attention, it helps you better memorize things. In a study, brain scans found that creative people have more robust connections between different parts of their brains, meaning they’re able to piece together ideas faster. This also means they’re better at multitasking and keeping on top of all those facts swimming around in their minds.


Also, it has been found that creative types tend to be more empathetic—and thus more forgiving of other people’s mistakes. As life sciences executive and board advisor Kamala Maddali wrote in her book(Becoming a Kamala), creative individuals are better able to consider alternative perspectives and recognize what another person might be thinking or feeling.

Improves Productivity

Learning to tap into your creative side can help you be more productive in your day-to-day life. And productivity has a domino effect on other areas of our lives. You’ll likely feel less anxious, less stressed, and better able to handle whatever comes at you throughout your day when you adopt a few simple tips for fostering creativity each day.


Creativity seems to have taken on a negative connotation in our world today. People seem to equate it with saying things like You’re being so creative when you don’t eat those vegetables! 

However, that isn’t true. The art of creativity exists inside each of us, even if we aren’t aware of it. When one exercises his or her creative side, great things happen; new ideas are born, and new paths are forged.

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