Preface by Kamala's parents

Leadership is in everyone

All of us can transform and bloom brightly no matter what our pursuit is. Becoming a Lotus (meaning Kamala) empowers you to lead. I therefore desire to see my beautiful world surrounded by “Circles of Kamalas”, who are “Lotus Leaders” like me, united by your unique version of You.

Lotus Leadership begins with unlocking and developing our natural abilities, so they can be built upon so we can become strong leaders.

This Lotus Leadership pictorial shows the purpose of these
unique abilities.

  • Petals to increase your INFLUENCE (to bring out the best in others),
  • Petals to enhance your ABILITY (to boost the skills to do the day job)
  • Petals to strengthen your MINDSET (to build the courage, clarity and confidence to thrive).

A Lotus embodies a leadership quality I love. In that light, I am happy to offer Lotus Leadership to any individual/organization who desires to become a better leader by incorporating the methodology created by Chirag Ghelani, Founder of Lotus Leadership.

A new and exciting transformational learning and development plan which equips them more effectively for the world ahead and fosters the type of collaborative culture where elevated outcomes are possible. 

The elements of the I-A-M leadership pillars work in harmony. 

Each pillar has a symbiotic relationship to the others.