It is YOU, Your Unique self, that inspired this book!

Becoming a Kamala is a book dedicated to YOU, unique as you are. The unity of who you are in diversity will make a world filled with love, gratitude, and peace.

To help YOU be the best you can be, this book is inspired by YOU, with a unique version of ME!

Becoming A Kamala

Kamala is a synonym in Sanskrit, meaning lotus flower.  This is my own name, which has always inspired me to be  what I am now. I apologize for the brevity, but this flower  symbolizes an important secret to your success and purpose. 


(means: May there be well-being for all)

(Shanti Mantra/Universal Peace Prayer Mantra)

My inspiring journey towards my inner peace is a prayer for universal peace

Thank you especially to Vani Mahesh. She helped me throughout the entire book-writing process like an incarnation of Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge.

Journey of Dr. Kamala Maddali

DR. KAMALA KALYANI MADDALI is recognized internationally  as a champion of patient advocacy, precision medicine, cancer  research, artificial intelligence, and digital technology. She held senior leadership roles at Fortune-100 companies and was  named by PharmaVOICE as one of the “top-100 most inspiring  people in life sciences”

As her parents, we have only ever taught her to fly high, never to push herself for higher altitudes. She, nevertheless, gave herself to her passion, persevered and endured, much like the Greater American Eagle and the Indian Garuda, god of the sky, who have always been a magnificent sight.


Dr. Kamala Maddali

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