Productivity Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

When it comes to business, productivity and efficiency can make or break you. Productivity can be an individual goal, but most businesses have productivity goals that must be met in order to get the job done correctly, on time, and with high quality. 

Your level of productivity may affect your co-workers, those who report to you, your customers and even your clients. If you feel like your business isn’t being as productive as it could be, then read on and learn how you can improve your output and enhance your productivity.

What Does Productivity Mean?

Productivity is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot. It can be tempting to believe that you’re being more productive just because you’re accomplishing a lot in a short amount of time, but your true productivity level is tied to your long-term output (not daily output). 

Productivity isn’t about working hard—it’s about working smart. Making decisions and using strategies that will allow you to do more over an extended period of time. For example, if your goal is to complete 8 major projects in a month then working extra hours each day won’t get you there. 

The key to achieving such a goal is not only working smartly on each project but also setting realistic expectations, planning ahead, prioritizing effectively and knowing how much time it takes to complete certain tasks so you have enough time for everything.

Why Should Businesses Care About Productivity?

You can find countless articles, infographics and books like Becoming a Kamala written by Dr. Kamala Maddali about productivity. This will guide you on how to make a schedule, how to reduce distractions and focus more effectively, and how you should avoid doing work past a certain time of day. 

This is all useful information if you want to increase your overall output over an extended period of time (that is, increase your productivity). But if you’re trying to get tasks done faster then it might not be as helpful. 

Productivity isn’t about getting more done in less time—it’s about working smarter so that you can do more things in less time while maintaining a high quality of work.

Businesses should care about productivity because, ultimately, productivity is a gateway to success. Here are seven reasons businesses should care about productivity: 

1. Productivity produces great results 

2. Productivity helps you learn and grow 

3. Productivity builds camaraderie 

4. Productivity creates value 

5. Productivity makes employees feel good 

6. Productivity increases profits 

7. Productivity improves your bottom line

What Are Some Ways To Boost Productivity In Your Business?

Boosting productivity in your business can seem like a bit of a struggle at times, but don’t lose hope just yet. Here are 5 ways to boost productivity in your business. 

1. Develop and write down your goals: Before you even take on projects or start working on tasks, make sure you know what exactly it is that you want to accomplish with those projects and tasks. Once you do that and have outlined that for yourself – make sure it’s something YOU really want! 

2. Sort out any clutter around you: Creating clutter means distraction which also leads to low productivity for many people. 

3. Be respectful and grateful toward others when they help you: Sometimes we let ourselves get wrapped up in all our own personal troubles while ignoring other problems going on around us. When we have so much focus on our own issues, we tend to forget about everything else—like being thankful for someone who helps us solve some problems we face as well as showing respect towards them as human beings and professionals. 

4. Take breaks when necessary: Taking a few breaks during your workday isn’t always frowned upon; sometimes it actually helps increase productivity over time because of how rejuvenating these breaks can be. 

5. Regularly ask for feedback from other people: Being able to actively listen and hear criticism has positive benefits beyond boosting morale within your company. 


Achieving productivity is hard, but it’s a necessity if you want to thrive in business. If you’re serious about improving your productivity, stick with it and do not give up. You will be surprised by how much time and effort can improve your daily routine for better performance. As per Kamala Maddali(DVM PhD)- Be confident in yourself because you are destined to make an impact in business by being more productive than ever before!

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