Journey of Dr. Kamala Maddali

Journey of Dr. Kamala Maddali

Dr. Kamala Maddali

KAMALA KALYANI MADDALI is recognized internationally  as a champion of patient advocacy, precision medicine, cancer  research, artificial intelligence, and digital technology. She held senior leadership roles at Fortune-100 companies and was  named by PharmaVOICE as one of the “top-100 most inspiring  people in life sciences” 

Kamala is a clinically trained veterinarian who holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from India and a doctorate in pharmacology from USA. Kamala has strong medical, scientific as well as rare disease roots, which gives her an edge as a visionary leader who fosters collaboration between medical, patient, and healthcare innovation sectors.

Kamala is a native of Nellore and Kurnool based in Andhra Pradesh, India. Kamala’s awe-inspiring journey from growing up in a traditionally Indian town raised by twenty family members is unknown to most people. Dr. Maddali has suffered from and still suffers from multiple challenges, including mental health issues, a rare disease battle, and a host of  other difficulties that would have driven others to give up. Dr. Maddali is the  exception, though!

Whenever possible, Dr. Maddali wants to ensure the patient’s voice is heard, and she strives to provide every patient with powerful tools from science and innovation in order to improve global community health. Her personal experience as a rare disease neuro – degenerative patient with signs similar to Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s makes her a unique, empathic voice in precision medicine.

Dr. Maddali is a advisory board member for several US/International based patient advocacy associations like “Paltown”, “Cancer NJ”, Love Heals Cancer, Indo-US Rare disease organization, Adira Foundation working to foster knowledge about cancer, rare disease diagnosis and prevention, and neuro-degenerative disease management. She has earned the trust of patients and global healthcare professionals by her involvement in patient advocacy.

NJBIZ has selected Dr. Maddali as one of the Healthcare Heroes Finalists in the “Innovation-Individual” category. Doctor Maddali has received many awards for women empowerment in healthcare from various organizations in the USA. Dr. Maddali served as a Vice Chair for the Women in Bio (WIB) Philadelphia chapter. The Women In Bio organization promotes careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences. Dr. Maddali and a few prominent WIB leaders were invited to ring the NYSE Closing Bell in 2017 and was interviewed by CNBC in December 2018 on Precision Medicine and Blockchain. As a member of Forbes Business Council in 2020, Dr. Maddali is commended for her distinguished leadership in the healthcare industry.

In 2021, Dr. Kamala Maddali was awarded Pharma Voice 2021 Top 100 Most Inspiring Leaders in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry.  The award is prestigious and honorable recognition to be a part of a select group of leaders, mentors, and visionaries in the Life Sciences who inspire change across their organizations, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.