My Memoir's purpose:

My attempt to chronicle my life experiences was influenced by the fact that I did not want to forget what  I had faced, whether it was a triumph or a low point for me,  because each experience has helped me to become who I am  today. These failures and successes have all contributed to my transformation, making me who I am today. As I began to  record the past events of my life as well as such present ones,  I realized how much I have accomplished, what an extreme  dreamer I have always been, and what a remarkably strong  human being I am today. Whenever I proclaim the above, I  am not being pompous; rather, I am being graciously thankful  for my achievements.

I have faced the challenges of life straight on, facing them  all squarely and obtaining all I achieved. Life has thrown me  curve balls (sometimes even dung balls!) but I have faced  them bravely to reach my successes. During the course of life,  in reflection on my life, I learned who I have been by my own  yardstick, not by what the rest of the world believes success is. 

As long as my experiences and learnings can help even  some of those who are out there in the fight of their lives, I  consider this book a success. No one ever gets things handed  to them—I know that for a fact! But we all need to make the  most of what is given to us so we can cook with gratitude  what we desire. 

Almost everyone has a problem, but there is usually a  universal solution. I dreamt of being a medical doctor, and  instead became a veterinarian. I faced two extremes of life—a  career that kept soaring and health that kept pulling me down.

Kamala is the seat of mighty gods and goddesses #FFCC7F

My journey has been challenging since a decade as a patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis-like symptoms and Parkinson’s- like symptoms. “We have a lot to learn, experience, share, and care for anyone in need. Known as an autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis affects the central nervous system and causes the immune system to attack its own healthy cells. It affects quality of life and can be disabling. A number of my symptoms also resemble Parkinson’s disease, a disorder that affects the spinal cord and brain. The brain is the centre of our being; responsible for controlling our bodies, everything you do, including moving. Parkinson’s disease gradually impairs the ability to control movements of the body. Having recently reached my early 40s, I now use a walking stick that represents my “Harry Potter wand” due to my rare disease battle.

But, today, as the head of an Artificial Intelligence-AI firm, member of a family that  I love, and the mother of a bright eleven year old, and also the  embraced victim of a debilitating condition, I can tell you,  my story involves many rebirths in one life. I have navigated  my way out of many debacles with sheer willpower and hope.  If you are someone aspiring for bigger things in life, or  someone fighting a desperate situation, or even someone just  bored of your ordinary life, I am sure my journey will inspire you.