Tips from a Lotus: How to Become a Kamala

We are all familiar with the concept of Becoming a Kamala. When you become a Kamala you will become a leader of your own self and leaders bring out the best in their teams by inspiring them to work for a common goal and holding everyone accountable for performance. We may be great at getting tasks done or delegated duties, but stepping up as a leader requires more than just some knowledge of organizational management and strategy.

It takes courage and self-confidence to guide others with confidence. If you wish to lead others effectively, you need to be able to get inside someone else’s head and understand their fears, motivations, and limitations. To become a Kamala, you need to understand how other people think and react.

What makes you a Kamala?

Interrelationships, and human psychology. When you become a Kamala you will understand the contextual factors are the basis for being able to foresee and prevent possible issues in the team. Interrelationships and human psychology are very important in developing trust within the team.

There is a fine line between being confident and cocky, and knowing when to be quiet and when to speak up. Being a Kamala means knowing when to be a leader, and knowing when to step back and let your team members lead with your knowledge and peace of mind.  

While you are doing this, try to understand how these things relate to your personal life and challenges as well. For example, if you are a team leader and your team member is dealing with anxiety, then you too will be dealing with it.

By knowing your team members, you can address challenges as they arise and gain an understanding of how each member functions well in your team. This will help you to better manage your team members so that they do not feel like they are being managed.

Build Trust through Transparency

Kamala likes to keep their team members in the dark about certain things, as it gives them more power to control their inner peace. But this is a very short-sighted way of thinking. Trust is built with transparency, and it is best to show both the good and the bad.

Trust is something that can only be built with collaboration and transparency. If you want to gain and keep trust, then you need to lead by your faith and love.


To become a Kamala, you need to understand how other people think and react. Individuals who have been raised in the forest tend to have different ways of thinking. We call these differences ‘cultural adaptation’ or ‘ecological niche preference’ when it comes to humans! The same is true of leadership skills you can hone your leadership skills by understanding what makes other people tick so that you can help them reach their full potential as well as reach your own goals from within the team instead of forcing others into the power flower of Kamala. You will see for yourself after reading this blog post about why you should become a Kamala.

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