Be the Change That You Want To See With the Kamala Maddali

It’s enlightening to hear a professional’s account of overcoming difficulties and excelling in her trade in light of the availability of autobiographies about successful business people who rode their connections to success.

Becoming a Kamala, the debut book by Dr. Kamala Maddali is an account of all the experiences she has had. She offers her distinctive viewpoints as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a professional, a patient, a humanist, and most importantly as a fellow human being via the book’s personal and uplifting lens.

Kamala believes that the memoir’s intended goal and motive is a genuine attempt to capture her life events by reversing the hourglass. She stated that she chose to do it in book form since she did not want to forget any of the challenges she had overcome.

Becoming a Kamala is a narrative about rising beyond our difficulties, accepting how they have changed us, and finding fulfillment. These tough and terrible experiences were significant formative forces in Kamala’s life, and she wanted to record everything, in great detail, so that she and her readers may learn and develop from them.

Whether it was a high point or a terrible point, every experience has shaped who I am now, and Kamala Maddali says she never wants to forget that.

She now wants to share her power and recognition with the entire world. All of her experiences, from failures to accomplishments, have shaped her into the recognized person and professional that she is today.

Kamala Maddali’s Life Approaches 

Due to her remarkable personality, Kamala Maddali demonstrates the benefits of lotus. The majority of individuals don’t receive things handed to them, she asserts.

“She wants to influence lives by altering how people view difficulties, failures, success, pleasure, and fulfillment.” She wants to change people’s negative thoughts and convert them into positive ones by finding inner peace in themselves.

The strength to overcome addictions can come from both within and without us, just as flower blossoms with the help of its inner capabilities. In addition, our inner strength and spirituality will enable us to carry on in this world of addiction.

Her approach to overcoming obstacles in life with complete confidence and a positive outlook can alter how you approach life. See how she handles life in the shape of a lotus flower. She asserts that there is a lot to be discovered about the ways in which these flowers bloom in shallow water.


Dr. Kamala Maddali’s first book, Becoming a Kamala, is an account of all the experiences she has experienced. She provides her unique perspectives through the book’s personal. The advantages of lotus are demonstrated by Kamala Maddali.

She wants to help others discover inner peace in order to transform their negative thoughts into positive ones. Her strategy for conquering challenges in life may change the way you go about living. Read to see how she manages her lotus-shaped life.

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