5 Steps To Making Yourself Into The Best Manager You Can Be

Good managers can change the world, but many managers simply don’t realize that they could be doing better. To show you what you could be doing differently to make yourself the best manager you can be, we’ve outlined five easy steps you can take today to improve your management style and become an even more effective leader of your team or organization. 

Put these steps into practice, and in no time you’ll see yourself rising through the ranks and making even more of an impact with your management skills.

  1. Stop making excuses

Start taking responsibility for your actions by eliminating those terrible excuses you’ve been using. No one cares that the dog ate my homework, or that the robot crashed into my car; if you don’t get your work done on time. 

Do your best to make it a habit to apologize, take ownership of your mistakes, and never make an excuse when things go wrong. People respect those who aren’t afraid to own up to their flaws; doing so helps create trust among peers and inspires confidence in superiors. 

  1. Take ownership

What’s important is not what your title is, but whether you take ownership of your role and its responsibilities. If a part of your job seems too big to tackle by yourself, delegate it to someone else or ask for help from management. It’s better, to be honest about your limitations as a manager than to attempt something that ultimately creates more work for you. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes are learning opportunities-Dr. Kamala Maddali. When you make a mistake in your career, learn from it and move on. Nobody’s perfect, but people who fail to recognize their mistakes will never be successful leaders. 

The only way to become a better manager is to admit your faults and try harder next time. If you can’t get past something, take some time away from work and think about what went wrong before trying again. 

  1. Delegate responsibility

One of the easiest ways to make yourself look better is to make sure you have others around you who are just as motivated and knowledgeable about their jobs. If someone has a great idea or suggestions for how to improve your product, don’t come up with excuses on why it won’t work. 

Instead, sit down with them and discuss ways in which their idea can work—and ask them how they think it can be improved. Not only will you be giving your employees a chance to shine, but they will also feel invested in making your company successful. 

  1. Ask questions

Asking questions is something managers do all day long. Asking a lot of questions is an easy way to show your employees that you are interested in what they have to say and that you care about them as people. It also makes them feel involved, essential and invested in their work, which leads to better performance. Here are some great questions to ask: 

  • What was good about today? 
  • What can we improve on tomorrow? 
  • What do you like about working here? 
  • How can I help you reach your goals? 


Remember that managing people is not an exact science. What works for one person might not work for you or your team. Take what you can from these tips and try them out; if something isn’t working, then go back to the drawing board and keep testing until you find what does work for you and your employees. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask someone who’s already there—maybe a more experienced manager in your company or one of your professional mentors (like Kamala Maddali)—they will help put things into perspective for you.

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